About Me

Hello! I'm Claire, a sewing blogger and web developer from Hull, Yorkshire.

I started learning to sew and knit a few years ago when I couldn’t find clothes to fit my shape and style and needed a new hobby that would give me a break from staring at a computer screen.

Dressmaking scissors hanging from a rail next to a painting of some flowers

I’ve been sharing my progress on Instagram since my first project but I wanted a place to share my pattern reviews, alteration notes and mistakes so I created this blog in the hope that it will be useful to other beginner sewists.

Here are a couple of my favourite projects from my Instagram account:

When I’m not making clothes or fixing websites, I can usually be found with my head in a book. My ever-growing book collection can be found over on my Goodreads account.

You can also find me on Pinterest or contact me at hello@claireanthony.com.

Thanks for stopping by!