Byway Scarf

All knitting projects using the Brooklyn Tweed Byway scarf and wrap pattern

Deep Sapphire Byway Scarf – Brooklyn Tweed

Cable Knits and Cutting Corners

I love making clothes at this time of year - coats, shirts, jumpers and chunky scarves are my favourite things to wear - and this cable knit scarf has been on my to-do list since I first started learning to knit.

Claire wearing a blue cable knit scarf

This is the Byway Scarf and Wrap pattern by Jared Flood for Brooklyn Tweed. I chose this one because it was complicated enough to keep me interested but not so complicated that it would take me years to complete. I originally planned to make the wrap version but after choosing my yarn and pricing it up I decided to make the scarf.

I used Cascade 128 Superwash in the colour Deep Sapphire from Wool Warehouse. It's 100% merino wool so it's fine, soft and not itchy. I like to use wool rather than acrylic yarn for garments because it's breathable and has antibacterial properties so it stays fresh. The downside is that wool is considerably more expensive. This yarn cost me £8.99 per hank and I needed 6 so the scarf cost me £60 to make in total (including the pattern but not including the needles).

Cascade 128 Superwash yarn in colour Deep Sapphire

I used some 6.5mm rosewood knitting needles from a Wool and the Gang kit I bought a couple of years ago. These are no longer available to buy on their site as they've been replaced with bamboo needles - possibly due to the fact that rosewood is now a protected species - but Pony rosewood needles are still available from some sites if you're looking to get hold of a pair. For the cable needle, I used a 20cm double pointed Knitpro Cubics needle.

Knitting needles and deep blue yarn on top of a knitting pattern

As you can see in the photos, I knit straight from the hank instead of winding the yarn into a ball first. I don't have the equipment for winding it and I didn't want to waste time doing it by hand. I hung it from one of the rails in my sewing room and knit it from there so it didn't get tangled. I wouldn't recommend doing this if you have nowhere

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