Cleo Dungaree Dress

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Rifle Paper Co Cleo – Tilly and the Buttons

Abandoned Projects and Perfectionism

I started making this Cleo dungaree dress back in November last year and since then it's been sat in a basket with all my other half-finished projects.

Image of the insides of a navy dungaree dress with pink floral facings

I had trouble sewing the buttonholes through this corduroy fabric - my machine wasn’t feeding the fabric so it would just stitch in one place and tangle up! I threw it on the pile and forgot all about it until I had a similar problem with some buttonholes on a corduroy skirt.

After searching through the instruction book, I discovered that my sewing machine came with an additional stabiliser plate that attaches to the buttonhole foot and helps feed difficult fabrics. This solved all my buttonhole problems and now I want to add buttons to everything!

Image of Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dungaree dress sewing pattern envelope

I made a size 4 with no adjustments except for adding an extra inch to the length. I tried it on just before hemming and it still felt a bit short so I folded it over by 1cm instead of the recommended 3cm.

I used The Crafty Pinup’s button front Cleo tutorial but I changed the width of the button band to suit the size of my buttons. Instead of adding 2 inches plus the seam allowance to each front piece, I added 4cm (folding and pressing at 1cm and then 3cm). I only added 3cm to the facing pieces so I didn’t have to topstitch through extra layers.

Navy dungaree dress with silver buttons

I accidentally started my first buttonhole too far down (it starts 2cm from the top when it should have been 1cm) but I didn’t notice until it was too late so it will forever bug me! I used plain hammer-on jeans buttons to contrast the textured needlecord and added matching sliders to my straps so I can adjust them if they shrink or stretch over time. For the facings I used a beautiful pink and navy Rifle Paper Co quilting cotton. I don’t own an overlocker so I finished the edges with the double zigzag stitch on my sewing machine with the overedge foot.

Insides of a navy dungaree dress with pink floral facings
Navy corduroy dungaree dress with silver buttons worn over a spotty navy shirt

You can't really see the

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