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Royal Blue Floral M7381 Dress – McCall's

Sewing for Spring

The sun’s out and I have nothing to wear - the dresses I made last year no longer fit me! I’ve started running again to get back in shape but in the meantime I’m making some loose fitting dresses that I’ll still be able to wear when I’m back to my usual size.

Image of blue dress with white and red floral print

This is the McCall’s M7381 dress which features a lined bodice with a tie front and a pleated skirt. I got this pattern free with Love Sewing magazine which includes sizes XS-XXL (4-26) but if you're buying the pattern from elsewhere, the pattern comes in two sizes: XS-M (4-14) and L-XXL (16-26). If you're buying from the McCall’s website you can choose a size by clicking on the size range next to the quantity box (it’s not immediately obvious as they’ve removed the default select box styles for some reason).

Image of the McCall's M7381 dress sewing pattern
McCall's M7381 pattern envelope

I made this dress in a size XS last year in exactly the same fabric and the sleeves, waist and bust fit perfectly but the shoulders were a little too narrow (this is a common fitting issue for me and I’ve since learnt to check for this by measuring the pattern pieces and subtracting the seam allowance). Here's a picture of the one I made last year – my photography has definitely improved!

McCall's M7381 size chart
Size chart on envelope flap

This time I made a size M with no adjustments. The shoulders fit perfectly but I‘ll try a small bust adjustment next time because there is far too much ease in the chest area and it bulges out when I sit down. Other than that, I’m happy with the fit and length (for reference, I’m 5’5” and it ends just above my knee).

When I made this dress last year, it was my first time using a Big Four[1] pattern and I had trouble finding the finished garment measurements. For anyone else having the same problem, the finished measurements can be found on the individual pattern pieces (just

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