I don't often make quilts or blankets but when I do, here's where you'll find them.

Slugs & Snails Memory Quilt – Tutorial

Sewing at a Snail’s Pace

My colleague and his wife had an impressive collection of Slugs & Snails tights that their sons had outgrown and they wanted to turn them into a memory quilt. I had no quilting experience but I offered to do it since I loved the tights' bright colours and designs, and I love sewing for other people - it gives me the opportunity to make something I wouldn't usually choose to make for myself.

Colourful patchwork quilt

I took the tights home two years ago but didn’t cut into the first pair until October this year. I spent a long time planning, reading tutorials, ordering fabric samples and procrastinating out of the fear of messing it up. Once I’d finally found the courage to snip into the first pair, I worked on the quilt every evening and weekend for six weeks to get it finished in time for Christmas.

Close-up of a colourful patchwork quilt

Since this was my first quilt and I wanted to show off the tights, I kept the design simple and used a hundred equally sized squares, attached them to a solid red cotton fabric by stitching in the ditch and finished it off with a matching binding. Below are the full step-by-step instructions if you’re interested in learning to make your own memory quilt.

Close-up of a colourful patchwork quilt
  1. Gather your supplies. You will need:
  2. Cut the pieces out
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