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Purple Tulip Skirt – Sew Over It

Patience, Persistence and Puckers

"Our levels of desire, patience, persistence, and confidence end up playing a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers. Feeling motivated and energised, we can overcome almost anything." - Robert Greene, Mastery [1]

Purple skirt with floral bias binding at either side of the zip

This is the Sew Over It Tulip Skirt that I made during some dressmaking classes my mum signed me up for as a Christmas present. I completed the final version of this skirt in March last year and shared some photos on Instagram but I never got round to writing up the blog post. Because my measurements have changed since I made it, I can't share photos of it on my body but I'll update this post if I ever manage to fit into it again!

I love the crepe versions of this skirt on the Sew Over It site so I chose to use the deep purple satin backed Prada crepe from Minerva Crafts. Or is it a crepe backed satin? Both sides of this fabric could be used - crepe for a casual skirt, satin for a more formal look. The satin gives the crepe a beautiful sheen in the daylight and the shiny side feels softer against the skin so I decided to use the crepe as the right side for this project.

Purple skirt with floral bias binding at either side of the zip

I enjoy the sewing process so I never rush to finish a garment but, because I had a few weeks to make this, I spent extra time on the little details: hand sewing both the waistband and invisible hem, and finishing the seams with a contrasting bias binding using the Hong Kong finish tutorial on the Colette blog.

I did save some time by using pre-made bias binding in Liberty Wilmslow Berry D Tana Lawn from Etsy since I couldn't find any shops that sold this fabric by the metre. I don't make full garments with Liberty fabric because busy patterns don't go well with my colouring but I love to use it to add fun touches to the insides. If you have some fabric in your stash that you love but it

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Bright Floral Lottie Dress – Sew Over It

Stash Control and Signature Style

I recently went last minute shopping for an outfit for a party and was instantly reminded of why I started sewing in the first place - I visited ten shops, only found one thing I liked and it didn't fit me. I had a half finished Sew Over It Lottie dress at home so I rushed back to add buttonholes and hem it so I could wear it that night.

Claire wearing a black dress with a bright floral print

The pattern came with issue 3 of Lisa Comfort magazine and is exactly the style of dress I love to wear in this hot weather - loose fitting, thin straps, gathers at the bust and a tie waist belt to give the dress some shape.

Turquoise sewing pattern envelope with a a navy blue and white polka dot dress on it

The simple design makes it a great dress for showing off bold prints. I had planned to use a fabric from my stash but I noticed on the last page of the magazine there was a preview of the new cotton lawn fabric being released by Lisa - Busy Blossom in Boho Black.

This is exactly my style - black with bright florals - as seen in this Instagram post I made during Sew Photo Hop last year on the subject of my signature look:

Being surrounded by lots of beautiful fabrics on Instagram, it's easy to be tempted into buying everything. If you know what colours suit you, which prints you feel good in and what your style is, it's much easier to say no to fabrics and keep your stash under control. My fabrics need to be cool-toned and highly saturated and any prints I choose need to be large and simple (small, busy prints such as ditsy florals make the overall colour of the garment look

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